08/08/2013 14:55:39 SAR NOTIFICATION Case Number SAR-2013:0028
Missing 33 yo, Female, Oswego, NY. Family member states she has not heard from her sister in law since around 8:00 a.m. this morning. Subject was scheduled to report to work but never showed up. Subject resides with relative. No personal effects missing from the home; Family has looked in the surrounding neighborhood with negative results. SAR notified to be on standby. Subject was later located.

Completed Incident. SAR canceled (08/08/2013 15:22:09)

08/06/2013 18:49:43 SAR NOTIFICATION Case Number SAR-2013:0027
Missing 8 yo, male, Oswego, NY. Caller states that his son is missing. He was last seen approx 2-3 hours ago, riding his bike;child had become upset and left because other juveniles were making fun of him. Child is 4' tall, white, lt brown hair ,wearing black shirt and jean shorts. Child has adhd and may be afraid of law enforcement. Caller will be waiting for police to respond to residence. SAR notified to be on standby. Child located by police near railroad tracks by residence.

Completed incident. SAR canceled (8/6/2013 19:38:20)