The official site of Search and Rescue Teams in New York State. Includes contact numbers of teams, how to activate each team and equipment that each team has. It also includes how to activate the entire Federation if needed.
This is our neighboring team to the South. They are located in Onondaga County. Thru the mutual aid system, they participate in almost all of our searches.
This is our neighboring team to the west. They are located in Cayuga County.
Our team works closely in partnership with all local and state law enforcement agencies.
This is the official site of the Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia.
This is the official Oswego County web page. Here you will find information about the Emergency Management Office, the 911 center (you can even take a tour), the county Legislature and More.
NYS Forest Rangers are responsible for Search and Rescue operations in NYS parks and lands.
Looking for GeoCaches in your local area is a great way to practice map and compass skills.